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Personal injury cases include boating accidents on the ocean, lakes, rivers or any navigable waterways. They can also include injuries arising out of the use of products intended for use in water such as rental or recreational devices.

​Unfortunately Bicycle Accidents happen and if you have been injured while riding a bicycle you may have a personal injury claim against the responsible party. 


Personal injury cases involve situations where you have been injured and that injury is caused by someone or something else for which another person or business entity is responsible. This includes motor vehicle accidents or accidents on property owned by someone else, including private property or commercial establishments including stores, bars or restaurants. By far the most common personal injury actions are those involving motor vehicles whether or not the injuries are caused by the driver of another vehicle or the driver of a vehicle in which you are a passenger.

Our attorneys have up to 38 years experience in dealing with all types of personal injury cases.

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Personal injury cases include injuries caused by defective products or the professional negligence of a health care provider including a physician, nurse, anesthesiologist or other health care employee.

Personal injury cases include injuries caused by domestic pets or domestic animals owned by another person. These cases most commonly involve dog bites or injuries caused by dogs but can involve other domestic animals.

Personal injury cases include construction accidents caused by persons other than your direct employer or those employed by your direct employer such as another subcontractor or the subcontractor’s employees.

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